This page lists a few projects extending ExtendJ.

Some of these projects use an old version of ExtendJ and are not compatible with the latest version of ExtendJ.


Bitbucket repository: joqvist/multiplicities

The ideas implemented in the Multiplicities project are described in this research article:

The language extension adds special annotations for variables and fields that may contain multiple objects. It is sort of like syntactic sugar for programming with collections:

@any Person people;
people += new Person();
people += new Person();
people += new Person();
for (Person person : people) {

The compiler extensions included in the Multiplicities module are:

  • Scanning and parsing for the special multiplicity operators [[ ]] and |[ ]|.
  • Extended type analysis to handle multiplicity types.
  • Code generation to handle updating, comparing, and iterating over multitude objects.

Code generation is done by directly generating bytecode, instead of transforming the syntactic sugar into higher-level constructs.

NonNull Inference

Bitbucket repository: jastadd/jastaddj-nonnullinference

The NonNull Inference extension, as the title suggests, adds nonnull inference in ExtendJ. The extension is no longer actively maintained and not compatible with recent versions of ExtendJ. It would take some work to update the extension to the latest version of ExtendJ, and this has not been done yet.


GitHub repository: google/simplecfg

The SimpleCFG extension builds control flow graphs on top of the ExtendJ AST. The main feature of SimpleCFG is that it allows a simple way of building CFGs containing only nodes of interest. Compared to the intraflow extension, the SimpleCFG graphs are much more sparse.

RagDoc Builder

Bitbucket repository: extendj/ragdoc-builder

A documentation generator used to generate JavaDoc-like documentation for JastAdd projects. The current ExtendJ documentation is generated using this tool (see link in the sidebar).

RagDoc Builder extends the frontend of ExtendJ and summarizes information about all classes in a Java project.


Bitbucket repository: jastadd/jastaddj-intraflow

This is a control flow graph extension for an old version of ExtendJ. It is no longer maintained, and not compatible with recent versions of ExtendJ.