Regression Test Suite

The ExtendJ regression test suite is available on Bitbucket. Most of the tests can be verified against Javac. Only a few test ExtendJ-specific APIs and features.

To run the tests you need to have a compiled ExtendJ Jar file. It should be placed in the root directory of the regression test suite and it must be named extendj.jar. After copying the Jar file to the correct location, you can use Apache Ant to run the tests:

ant java8

The above line runs the Java 8 tests. To run only the Java 7 tests, use the command

ant java7

To run a specific test only, it may be selected using a command-line argument:

ant -Dtest=type/class_01p

All tests are organized into the tests directory, with subdirectories for different categories of tests. The README has a more thorough description of how to add new tests.

The test suite contains a mix of regression tests and feature tests for the Java 7 and Java 8 modules.