Integration Testing

Open Source projects being compiled and tested with ExtendJ.

The table below shows the current status of the continuous integration tests.

Project Java Ver Version Test Result Num Tests Passing Since Scm
Ant 8 1.10.1 fail (java8) GitHub
Ant 5 1.9.9 pass 2616 dd7f702253a7fdf74bceae9d5c0dc6314e0aa737
Antlr 7 4.7.1 pass (no annotproc) 704 GitHub
ExtendJ8 6 8.1.0-27-gcd7effa pass 1633 BitBucket
JaCoP 8 latest fail (java8) GitHub
JaCoP 6 4.0.0 pass (no scala) 30
JUnit 5 4.12 pass 874 GitHub
jo-json 7 1.3.1 pass 181 GitHub
jo-nbt 8 1.1.0 pass 37 GitHub

TODO: add more projects.

  • AspectJ
  • Guava
  • ... and more from Qualitas Corpus

Integration Test Setup

  1. Check if annotation processing is needed. ExtendJ does not run annotation processors.
  2. Try to compile with the right build system plugin:
  3. Make sure the right ExtendJ release is used, depending on the Java source version.
  4. Disable tests that rely on network communication (because they can be flaky).