2017-12-09 Stack Map Frames

Stack map frames generation was implemented in commit 21b8c09. This allows ExtendJ to finally generate Java 8 bytecode, which in turn allows us to compile default interface methods and calls to static interface methods.

2017-10-23 Concurrent Circular RAGs Talk

Jesper presented recent work on Concurrent Circular Reference Attribute Grammars (doi) (free version) at SLE 2017. ExtendJ was parallelized as part of this research. The talk was recorded and can be viewed here:


Jesper had a talk about ExtendJ at Voxxed Days Zürich. The talk is available to watch on YouTube:

2016-10-02 AST Visualizer Tool

A new tool for graphically navigating ExtendJ ASTs is available! Check out the new tool page to learn more.

2016-02-28 Removing side effects

We are current working on removing side effects in the JastAdd attributes used in ExtendJ. The goal is to completely remove attribute evaluation order dependencies and allow interesting parallelization opportunities. To be able to remove the side effects we have changed the way implicit method declarations, constructors, and fields are added in the AST.